Sunday, December 20, 2015

Who knew?

That I'd be so blessed at Christmastime?

I mean, just in the last three days, the following strangers or organizations have contacted me - unselfishly - to give me riches beyond anything that I've earned or deserved:
  • Ambassador James F. Entwistle
  • Paul Crowell (a 110kg metal box marked 'Money')
  • Reverend Favor Chinenye
  • Jim Harry ($2.5M)
  • Nancy Partner (dinner for two at McDonald's)
  • Walgreens ($150 gift card)
  • Starbucks ($100 gift card)
  • CVS ($50 gift card)
Of course, that's not to mention the $2M that Michelle Obama recently emailed me about - apparently they'd found it between and under the seat cushions of Air Force One during their many vacations.  Nice to see she's not sore at me for maybe being a bit critical of her idiot husband.

But even if a couple of those are not on the up-and-up (I sure hope I didn't waste $3700 in shipping fees for my 110 kg of  'money' - if it's boxes of quarters, I should still be about $1300 ahead), I do know - at Christmas and throughout the year - that I'm heir to the most high kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

And He hasn't even emailed me asking for an international money order.