Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Actually, there is Hope

The guest pastor this past weekend used the phrase 'hopelessly human', which reminded me - as I'm sure it would've reminded you - of this 1977 Kansas song:

The pastor's message was that, at least since Genesis 3 (in the Bible, not the Collins/Rutherford/Banks band), we are 'hopelessly human', in that we can't be anything but.  Nonetheless, our situation - thanks to the Advent and the Redemption - is not without hope.  We may inhabit a sin-filled world, but we are not necessarily condemned to be of it, if we choose wisely.

Though the song is not overtly Christian, its composer Kerry Livgren did subsequently convert to Christianity, and has remained active in his faith, a more recent project being Cantata: The Resurrection of Lazarus.

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Denney Crane said...

I say their tour that year... Most excellent!