Friday, February 26, 2016

Descent into Madness?

  • Maybe because of the Carson monologues, circa mid-'70s through the early '90s, that I've been watching since the beginning of the year, I feel like reading my observations of the body politic like nightly cue cards.
  • Will this be the last Presidential campaign of the United States?  I'm not sure there's a competent candidate in the bunch.
  • Unfortunately for us, the Texas primaries are next week, so we'll be bombarded with TV ads over the weekend.  I'm glad I dropped my landline years ago, elsewise I'd be getting all of the political calls.
  • Can Trump get any crazier?  This guy would embarrass P. T. Barnum.
  • There seems to be absolutely no substance in any of the debates, just shout-fests.  No wonder Romney has held back from endorsing any candidate.  
  • Of course, it may be just a reflection of the culture - or lack of same - of the nation.  Perhaps 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is no longer a revered and respected address.  One recent resident used the oval office like a pimped porta-potty at Mardi Gras, and according to a PBS commercial I saw earlier this evening, the current denizen has turned the East Room into the Dexter Lake Club.
  • I actually saw my first Carnac skit in decades this past week.  I don't think it was one of Carson's better ones - he seemed to be rushing through them.

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