Friday, April 15, 2016

Spirit of St. Frederick

In response to ComKev's question Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is like Jazz, I thought I'd post the following.  Until now, I had never researched St. Frederick, but according to the Wikipedia, he was [ironically] the patron saint of the deaf.


Like David Gilmour's ranging guitar solos, I am quite fond of MF's searing horn.


el chupacabra said...

Ha, thought you might have something to say on that question! You know, to be honest I like fusion types of jazz and ones that are more arranged and coherent (especially live) but true improv jazz?!
No, I don't get it.

The Donald said...

What I intended to say in my comments was that I like improvisation on existing works, or improvisations around a theme.

The actual amorphous, free-form style escapes me as well.