Sunday, April 10, 2016

Tomorrow is a long time

Watching Carson tonight, Carl Reiner mentioned the Sahara Tahoe, a Del Webb property that originally opened in 1965.  That jogged my memory, as I remembered the Kingston Trio live album Once Upon a Time, which was recorded there in July 1966, and featured this Dylan cover.

It's not the live version that I remember, but possibly has better harmonies (this was recorded the following year at San Francisco's hungry i club.  I am particularly fond of Bob Shane's baritone vocals.  Though now retired, Shane is the sole surviving member of the original Trio.

Possibly I have featured this video before, but was too lazy to check back issues.

BTW, Carson's monologue tonight was rough.  Dating to the Gerald Ford presidency, he had great guests - Carl Reiner and David Brenner, but during the actual opening, I think Tommy Newsom got better laughs than Johnny did.

Some days are like that.

Edit: Not one to leave well enough alone, I checked my back catalog, and sure enough, I ran this song November 11, 2013.


RPM said...

I saw a Carson monologue the other night that was just brutal. But it was fantastic watching him work through it. Nobody, I mean nobody could turn lemons into lemonade like Johnny. He would wrap himself in the failed jokes, ad-lib some self deprecating comments and have you laughing harder than if the jokes worked in the first place.

el chupacabra said...

Johnny had a a bad day once?! Huh, like Mike I guess what stuck with me was how he powered through rough spots- it would be easy to think of them as bits.

mzchief said...

To The Donald...

I never had much interest in music until I started reading your blog. I've learned more about music, from your blogging, than I've learned all the years prior.

Thank you.