Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Don't get desperate

While looking for something else - as always - I came across this:

The guys J.D. credits with 'helping' him write that song are named Don, Glenn & Jackson - but you probably knew that already. On the record for which this song was the centerpiece, the Doolin-Dalton reprise segues into Don & Glenn's Desperado reprise.

As a kid, I had been to Coffeyville a few times with my grandparents, either shopping for fishing gear at Gibson's with my Granddad, to the Read's Department Store with my Grandmother, or hanging out with my uncle and digging CCR. On one trip with my Grandmother, we went to the Condon National Bank (one of the banks the D-D gang tried to heist) maybe around 1969-1971, but I don't know if it was still in the same location as the 1892 robbery.

About 20 years ago or so, we were in southeast Kansas for a cousin's wedding, just a few miles west of Coffeyville. Having a bit of spare time before the festivities, we took a side trip over to see the Dalton Defenders Museum. So apparently pop culture can spark an interest in historical research.

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