Saturday, January 23, 2010

Carry On...With Nostalgia

I'm sure most will agree the GEICO commercial with the Amerasian dude singing along to Point of Know Return is pretty goofy.

But, as one of Kansas' native sons (OK, I was only born there), coming of age in the '70s, I found myself this evening coming home from the Family Video, doing a wicked Steve Walsh impersonation on Carry on Wayward Son.

COWS is one of my favorite classic rock songs, and I can't hear it without thinking of driving down the turnpike (that's I-30 to you youngsters) with my learner's permit, Brother Jon Rivers doing the intro "Z-97 with...Kansas". Some of you may remember that Z-97 was the then 'new' incarnation of venerable Fort Worth radio station KFJZ. Back in those days, KFJZ/Z-97 and Gordon McLendon's KNUS 99 (sister station to his KLIF-AM, and now the frequency for K-LUV) served up top 40 fare in the Fort Worth/Dallas market, featuring many of the same artists you'd see on that Friday night's Burt Sugarman's Midnight Special, with Wolfman Jack, following Johnny Carson's Tonight Show back when Johnny still had a 90 minute program. Edgier, album oriented rock was heard on KZEW 97.9 "The Zoo" and KFWD 102.1 (later KTXQ/Q102 - killed by Tom Hicks in 1998, back when people thought he was smart).

Anyway, it was already past dark, so nobody could [thankfully] see my rock-n-roll fame.

At least my inner dweeb sounded better than the guy in the commercial...

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