Sunday, January 31, 2010

What do you "Harvest" with your Pants on the Ground?

If you know me, I'm not too much into popular culture.  I don't like "The Office", "Survivor", or "The Bachelor".

But, a person would almost have to be a hermit, or Osama Bin Laden, to have missed the recent sensation caused by a 62 year old named Larry Platt, who performed an a cappella number called "Pants on the Ground" on American Idol recently.  The song explores some of the same thematic material covered in Bill Cosby's recent appearances.

One supposes, then, it was inevitable that cover versons would emerge.  I present herewith, Jimmy Fallon as Neil Young, performing "Pants on the Ground":

Edit:  Word has reached the news desk that OBL is rehearsing for his own release of POTG.


YM said...

That was pretty funny...he does a good Neal Young...Did you see Neal Young on the Haiti benefit? What an odd man.

The Donald said...

Your Highness - No, I missed the Haiti concert, but you're right about Fallon doing a dead-on impersonation of Young.

As for Neil Young being a bit odd - well, yes. But, I've enjoyed his music since the '70s, from his work with CSNY on Déjà Vu and his solo Comes a Time featuring Nicolette Larson.

Saw him in '02 at the Smirnoff in Fair Park. Interesting show.

Anonymous said...

All this "new music" makes me sick, you can't even tell what they are saying....haha