Sunday, January 24, 2010

Spanky and my Doppelgänger

It's said we all have a double somewhere in this world.

I suppose that's believable enough, given that there's about 7 billion people on the planet. It stands to reason that there are going to be a few people, somewhere, who look like me. Bless their little hearts. Now, of course, that's not to say they're not unique, just that they look similar.

So, I thought I'd put together, at great risk, a little panel and let you decide.

About 15-20 years ago, the girl at the Sam's Hamburgers in a small Denton county town told me she thought I looked like Richard Gere. As Mr. Gere was at the time rumored to be casting for the sequel to Willard, I wasn't necessarily flattered. (Yes, the Willard reference is meant as a joke.)

Then about 10 years ago, a couple of people said I looked like Harrison Ford. I figured they must be legally blind, but I was grateful for the comparison. In a previous posting on this blog, in fact, I included a photo in pseudo-Indy Jones regalia.

But, the only celebrity, or at least TV person, that ever caused me to do a double take because I thought he looked like the guy in my mirror was a bit player named Daniel Roebuck on Andy Griffith's Matlock series (and I think he's been on Lost, too).

OK, let the barbs begin...

Edit: In the interest of honesty as stipulated in the previous post, let me note that the allusion made above vis-à-vis Mr. Gere has been established to have been an urban myth, with no basis in fact.  What is true is that the rumor was circulating at the time, and I was somewhat disconcerted by the comparison.

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