Monday, December 31, 2012

Oh no!

Don't be that guy!

Which leads me to The Donald's Consumer Corner - Underwear Edition:

On the "Buy" list:

  • (Good) Starter brand boxer briefs - good fit, seams form a 'pouch' to keep stuff organized, average leg fit.
  • (Better) Gildan boxer briefs - excellent fit & waistband, well-defined 'pouch', snug leg openings.  Rated a best buy.
"Don't Buy" list:
  • Faded Glory boxer briefs - flimsy waistband, poor form, oversize leg openings.  Use them to clean your aluminum car/SUV rims (after laundering).
You're welcome.

But you should still wear something over them if your shades are open or anyone else is in the house...


Dewey Taliaferro said...

How many times did you google "dads in briefs" before you got that video?

Nevermind, I don't really want the answer to that!

aroundthecorner said...

Go with the Under Armor and you will never go back. I have worn the same thing for nearly 50 years, till now.

The Donald said...

@ Dew - it's the first one that shows up. Like you didn't know that.

@ WW - both of my sons like the UA - several years ago when I used to pheasant hunt, I had some polypropylene longjohns that I really liked, but they went missing a few years back (may have left them at my folks' cabin). Except for cold weather, I'm still pretty much for the cotton skivvies.