Monday, December 31, 2012


The church I attend is sort of  'cutting edge', or, to traditionalists, weird.  Loud music, laughter, and less emphasis on 'hell-fire and brimstone' - although our Pastor frequently reminds that God is "the sin killer".

This week I got a mailer from Fellowship Church in Grapevine.  The pastor who had a "bed-in" (with his wife) on the roof of his church, directing congregants to have sex for seven days (not continuously, I assume).  Anyway, suffice it to say I believe they're a little farther 'out there' than my church.

Here's their latest mailer:

What Would Jesus Say To...

What would Jesus say to Katy Perry, Lance Armstrong (looks like he's riding by the takeout window at the Last Supper), Ellen DeGeneres, LeBron James, Jerry Jones, and Kim Kardashian?

I admit I don't really know much about Katy Perry, other than the general impression she's a pop-twit.  I thought you had to be able to collect Social Security before you could be a blue-hair.

Armstrong?  That might could be an interesting conversation.  The Td'F doping committee may not know everything, but God does.

He might tell Ellen to just sit still and eat her dinner.

"LeBron, we didn't name that Bible after you.  How about you marry one of your baby-mommas?"

To Jerry Jones, it would probably be "Dude, why do you keep trying to kiss me?"

And to Kim K.: "Go and sin no more."  Or maybe, "Just go away, and take all your sisters with you."

Well, that's my take on the upcoming Fellowship series.  Pastor Ed Young may have a different angle. YMMV.

And Jesus might have a different opinion, altogether.

[In unison] "Jesus might have a different opinion."

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