Sunday, January 13, 2013

All roads lead to Rome?

Despite Waymore's advice that a man who understands wimmin (womyn for the politically correct minded) one, I sometimes get suckered into opening one of those links on AOL that gives 'relationship' advice - I guess in the hope that I can glean some intel about how the females of the species think.

So, this morning I see an article about when a chick should dump her dude.  And I think, "Self, why don'tcha  read this to make sure you don't do sumthin' wrong, if maybe sometime in the future you fall under the spell of a woman-folk?"

I clicked the link. Four Reasons to Dump Him.

What followed was a misandric, Sex and the City-ish, rant, cloaked as relationship advice.  This was not about covenant love, but a [hidden] contractual relationship (yeah, I suppose that could be another term for whoring) where any unknown mis-step a guy might make - and the list was long enough to ensure that no [straight] guy could be immune - becomes the basis for dissolution of the relationship.  According to the list, if a guy is: not supportive enough, cramps his gal's style, places any expectations on her, or interferes with her 'girlfriend time' - he is to be dumped (hence the post's title).

Well, isn't that special?

Although most men I know are making a good faith effort to understand their wives/girlfriends, and live the proper role of a man, it seems that this type of thinking is fairly common among today's women.  So, dudes, even before the first date, you might want to administer a pop quiz just to make sure you're not courting the next Samantha Jones.

Postlude:  Following the Socratic advice to not live the unexamined life, I often run tests to make sure my 'grumpy old man' curmudgeonliness is not besting me.  I was pleased to find that many of the comments that followed the article corroborated my view.

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