Thursday, January 3, 2013

Always have a sense of adventure

El Chupacabra recently posted pics of some adventures with his young son.

I kinda thought the real estate looked familiar, so I went looking through my xD card, along the way finding a lot of fun memories of adventures Daughter and I have had - plus a random picture or two:

Near the rappelling walls.

Not actually at the park, but the local high school.  Uh, yeah, just
beyond the sign that says 'no rollerblading on tennis courts'.
Well, they're not rollerblades...

A campsite area (on city owned land) that we'd been grooming, sort of
off the beaten path.  We created this makeshift camp table and were
 considering clearing a tent site - a dicey proposition for the tent and air mattress
 due to all the mesquite growth.  Within a week, vandals had carried off the table top
 (we'd salvaged it from the nearby creek), and had discarded the stump bases
 in a ravine a few hundred yards away.
On the plus side, it prevented a citation for illegal camping.

On the way to adventures somewhere, we stopped at the Ft. Worth Library 
and met F-105 Thunderchief & F-4 Phantom flying ace, noted author, and distinguished
blogger (Thunder Tales) Ed Rasimus, who was kind enough to oblige a photograph.
The goofy looking guy on the right needed some Just for Men for Beards, but
opted for a triple bladed Wilkinson razor not long after.

Also while we were at the library, another oddball
guy in orange with a white beard.

Not all of the fish in our backyard pond come from PetSmart.

Built in 1925, it still dominates the surrounding landscape, but the ravages
of time haven't been kind to this grand lady.  Various attempts at renovation
have either been boondoggles or pipe-dreams.  Though I never financed any
projects of this scale, my brief research found that new hotel construction, 
from scratch, in New York City, on owned land, runs about $192/sf.  
(Compare to typical southwest cost of around $150/sf or less).
The latest renovation proposal for the Baker projected about $255/sf.
It's really a shame.

Not even a bite.  I generally only enjoy fishing when you can at least get
a nibble on every, or every other, cast.  Like striper fishing on Lake
Texoma - at least that's how I remember it as a kid.

Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer say you don't need these for duck hunting.
They're right - they would be lousy for hunting ducks.

Benjamina Franklin.

The same bend in the creek where we'd earlier salvaged our table top.  
She was lucky that turtle didn't take a finger off...

Bison - higher in iron content than beef.

Like George Benson, lost in This Masquerade.

At one time, this was probably a pretty snazzy entrance.

The perimeter fence is about as secure as you'd find at the U.S. - Mexican border...

...or at our embassy in Benghazi.

Daughter was sad when this picture was taken, because just minutes earlier
I'd told her we couldn't take in the stray dog we'd encountered near the
Brazos river bridge.  The old Oliver Loving ranch is a beautiful property.

Cannon - not just that fat, balding '70s TV detective
(and original radio voice of Marshal Matt Dillon).
The featured artillery piece is a meticulously crafted 1861 replica.

And finally - no pic-a-nic at the local park pavilion 
would be complete without root beer!  Or our favorite mutt.

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YM said...

I think it's great you and your daughter share these adventures.

You're also quite handsome.