Wednesday, January 16, 2013

RKBA shall not be in fringe?

In a comment on the prior post, reader Dew asserts that I can't keep and bear arms in fringe.

Well, why not?  Here's proof you are wrong, my friend:

Don't even think about messing with my surrey...

[Emil Litella-Newhart, on phone]:  "In fringe?"  "What-what's that - infringed?"  "Yeah, ah, sure, I have, a-a dictionary."  "Oh, yeah, uh, here it is - infringed."  "Okay, so, ah, so, what, what, what you're saying is that it's, actually, infringed, not, ah, not, in fringe."  "Yeah, I-I-I see that, ah, never, uh, nevermind."

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