Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday Wonderings

More random thoughts on our state of dis-union.

  • Ya think the Pope will do a Farewell Tour?
  • Maybe it's just a contract gambit.
  • I read recently that technogeeky researchers had come up with an invisible cellphone.
  • WTH?
  • I have enough trouble finding where I've left mine.  I don't need an invisible one.
  • Apparently the glass display is invisible, until a current is run through its matrix, or somesuch.
  • Gotta love the irony of the ringleader of the Amish hair and beard cutting gang having the name...Sam Mullet?
  • License seen today on a PT Cruiser: PRTHD
  • Speaking of which, I see that the Man from Margaritaville is coming to Frisco this Spring, joined by Jackson Browne.
  • Is this the JB² tour?
  • Uncle Ted at the SOTU:
  • I stopped at a convenience store in a not-so-great part of town last week, noticing a portable table set up on the sidewalk, attended by a couple of people with laptop computers - I figured they were doing income tax returns.  Inside, a [white or hispanic] woman was talking about "if you got low income disability..." - the exact same spiel as the 'Obama phone' YouTube woman.
  • When I left, I noticed the banner on the table - sure enough, they were signing up people for free phones.
  • The Christian Science Monitor online has a quiz: "How much do you know about the 2nd Amendment?"  Before the app bombed out, I was 5/5.
  • I haven't heard if they've apprehended the convict escapee yet.
  • What, me worry?  Nah...:
I didn't change into comfortable clothes after work today.
  • Brought home the venison sausage from my co-worker today.  
  • Mmm!

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