Sunday, April 14, 2013

How much Furthur?

In which Ken Kesey meets the Partridge Family, to hang out with the Cartwright Family at TMS: 

Or, maybe, it's simply a NASCAR thing:

It seems the National Rifle Association's sponsorship of this weekend's signature race got the Startle-gram sports writers' panties all in a wad.  One wrote a column in which he would not write the sponsor's name, and said precious little about the event itself, preferring to take the [unnamed] sponsor to task for supposed insensitivity following the Newtown, CT massacre.  Apparently, pushing back against a full-on assault on your constituency's core values by sponsoring a sporting event which is enjoyed by many of said constituents is frowned upon, whereas using your sports column to advance your social views is somehow noble.  Umm, okay.

Of course, if you're Dianne Feinstein or Chuck Schumer, you can use a tragedy to further your agenda with impunity.


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