Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Would garlic butter do the trick?

As if Florida hadn't enough to worry about - hanging chads, sinkholes, and the like - now they're been overrun - or at least overslimed - by ginormous African land snails, some the size of a large rat.

I'm not sure if this variant is any kind of delectable delicacy - from what I read of escargot production, you want to purge (kinda what ya gotta do before your colonoscopy) them before you sauté them - but maybe if we offered work visas to some French chefs, we could find out.

Wonder if they go well on a bed of fresh kudzu?

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RPM said...

I've only had escargot twice. Both times they were tiny. If these taste as good as those did I'd say we got some Jumbo-cargot coming up on the menu at Gators.