Saturday, April 27, 2013

Where's Daniel or Joseph?

  • I don't usually have the really odd dreams that other people sometimes describe to me, but at times, they can be a bit weird.  
  • Last night, I had several strange sequences:
  • In one, my undersized bed was levitated and carried, eastbound, over a small shallow lake, lined by pine trees. At an altitude of a couple thousand feet, I could make out some whitecaps, and several places where the lake bed came up above the water.  I wasn't afraid of the height, but concerned that if I nodded off, I would roll out and fall into the water.
  • Later, I was waiting for someone somewhere and got hungry.  So I went to a nearby Church's chicken place, and ordered some catfish or shrimp.  And waited.  And waited.  The girl cooking was tending a large cauldron of boiling food, but I couldn't see my shrimp or catfish.  About three times, she sampled the cooking food, dribbling back into the pot as she did so. Not good. Two other dining patrons got their orders, and I left to go to another Church's down the street.
  • Driving south, the other place was supposed to be on my left, but somehow I was mistaken or just missed it.  The neighborhood turned residential, and the road veered to the east - after a few hundred more yards, I turned around near some quad-plexes.
  • On the return trip, the asphalt was muddy as I rounded the bend, and my car spun around - 360° - but otherwise stayed on course. About fifty yards later, again. The third time, I kinda coaxed the spin (just call me Mr. Bondurant).  As well, I initiated the fourth spin, but by this time I was getting apprehensive and scanned for speed limit or other roadside signage, remembering that time in '78 when I flattened my Opel's passenger door on a speed limit sign in north Grand Prairie while searching the center console for my wristwatch - and got it repaired at a body shop in Bridgeport, just west and across the street from where Dos Chiles is now.  At the successful conclusion of the fourth spin, having thankfully not hit any posts or pedestrians, I slowed my speed and continued northbound.
  • About a hundred yards ahead was a first generation Bronco, whose driver had no doubt observed my stupid antics in his rear-view mirror.
  • As the gap between our vehicles narrowed, his right side tires veered off the pavement into a muddy rut nearly a foot deep, and the Bronco left the roadway, rolled once clockwise down an embankment, and his front axle & differential assembly separated from the chassis.
  • I went past about 75 yards - pulled over onto a grassy area to go check his condition - and woke up.
  • I never got my catfish or shrimp.
  • Here's another Daniel, who is not my brother:

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