Wednesday, April 17, 2013

If my ship ever comes in

...I'll probably be at the train station:

  • I executed the most perfect parallel parking of my life today on East Exchange in the Stockyards, with less than 3' fore and aft of my SUV.  No excess moves.  Perfect distance from the curb.
  • Probably never happen again.
  • It was way windy - I thought it woulda been a good day to be downtown - since most of the women in the stockyards are in jeans and t-shirts.
  • I don't normally have the same kind of meal twice in a day - but, I stopped at one of my favorite [fast] Asian places on Jacksboro Highway (Lake Worth Blvd) for Chicken Lo-Mein for lunch, then made beef stir fry for dinner.
  • Not the end of the world, I know.
  • One of the tellers at the bank where my office does business is super cute, although I am practical enough to recognize I'm probably old enough to be her father, so it's nothing more than an observation.
  • Nonetheless, for a couple weeks, I kept wondering 'why does she look so familiar?'
  • Last week, I nearly laughed out loud when, in the bank lobby, I realized her face looks like Fred Savage's, circa The Princess Bride.
  • Odd.
  • Do they serve escargot in a Dinning establishment?
  • Maybe I knew, but forgot, 'Tex' Ritter's real name:

  • It sure don't seem right fer somethin' with Texas in its name to be subordinated to a bunch of hosers:

  • Still the king:

  • Designed by the Father of the King of Kings:


el chupacabra said...

Don- You axed about the pic of the Winnie- it is in reference to a character on Walking Dead who drove one and then died.

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