Sunday, April 6, 2014

Car Show!

Well, we started out on the Camarow - look at all of them!

 I almost bought one like the white one when I was 15 (summer '76)

Then proceeded to Wilson Pickett's Mustangs Alley:

A '70 Boss 302 would probably be my ultimate 'stang pick  Alas, none at the show.

This is probably my favorite T-bird series:

An exquisitely customized Chrysler 300:

A 'rarri motor:

Trivia: The nicknames for Cadillac and Ferrari both double the 
consonant that is not doubled in the proper name.  The more you know...

A Sunbeam Tiger:

Followed by a zoo of Tigers:

The Tiger was the result of Carroll Shelby's shoe-horning a small Ford V-8 into the Sunbeam Alpine's engine bay.  With only 20% more weight, it doubled the horsepower of the Alpine's I-4 mill.

I had a great caption for this, seen on a classic GM pickup, but, nah...

In high school I wanted one of these, a 124 Spyder.  The summer after graduation, I bought a rear-engined 850 Spider soft-top instead. Fix It Again Tony, indeed.  Still, it was a fun little car, that, downhill with a tailwind, could reach 65 mph!  The 124 was significantly peppier.

Todd the Blogger will tell you what 442 means.

A not quite stock '55 or '56 Chebby powerplant:

Much cooler than Orenthal James' model:

And wouldn't one of these be fun for a Saturday afternoon drive, or a few dozen laps at Motorsports Ranch?


RPM said...

Very nice! Looks like the only thing missing was some classic Mopar muscle.

The Donald said...

Yeah, it would've been nice if there'd been a row - or even a couple - of 'cudas there.

todd said...

4 barrel, 4 speed, dual exhaust. Know what GTO means? No, not gas, tires and oil. Gran Turismo Omolagato. Did that without looking it up so you'll have to doouble-check the spelling. Shelby had some interesting name originations as well. GT 500 KTR??? Without looking it up???

The Donald said...

Very good, Grasshopper - that why I call on you. Know you not respond: "Four headlight, four tire, two door." Now prease exprain to crass, what in heck is red barchetta?

The Donald said...

KTR - Roger that, Miller. No, I did not know without looking it up, but of course it made perfect sense when I saw it.

Was the GTO driven by Mr. Roboto?

Can you treat a red barchetta with antibiotics?

todd said...

Red Barchetta is just a cool song by Rush - not Limbaugh. Very good on the King of the Road. I understand the 500 was a number that just sounded cool. No real significance.