Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter Weekend

The weekend started a bit off-schedule.  Kids' Mom invited me to attend their Good Friday service, where she was playing (musician), so that I could pick up Daughter following the service. Got there about 3 minutes into the service - too late to get a seat next to Daughter and middle Son.  Since no one had had time to eat before, we all went to dinner after.

Daughter and I watched Field of Dreams before calling it a night.

Puttered around the house Saturday.  Unfortunately, the sewer line was clogged.  Rammed the water hose down the clean-out nearly two dozen times, but couldn't seem to get it to flow.  I did notice that the far reach of the hose was 20-25 feet farther than it'd ever gone before, and thought maybe the main sewer was backed up.  Before heading to the Ace Hardware to rent a power auger, I called Public Works to find out which side of the street the sewer tap was on (the far side), and if anyone else had reported problems (they hadn't).  They promised to send out an on-call guy to locate the line for me.

Running the hose down the line one last time, I finally managed to dislodge the clog, about five minutes before the city worker called for directions.  I told him it had cleared, but he said he'd come by Monday to scope it out anyway.

With all the Don the Plumber efforts, we missed volunteering at our Church at either of the Saturday services.  Made a decent homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner.  Daughter, who had dug a fire pit in the backyard during the afternoon, announced that we had to go to Kroger to get graham crackers and chocolate pieces (we had marshmallows already).

So, from about 10:00-11:30, we roasted marshmallows, before retiring to watch On Golden Pond.  I fell asleep sometime before Hanoi Jane made an appearance.  Probably just as well.

Introducing the DonCo "As Seen on Radio" Firepit 2000
with exclusive "set it and forget it" marshmallow rotisserie.

Woke up from a deep sleep around 4:00 a.m. to catch a glimpse of the Easter Bunny in the mirror hiding eggs and goodies until about 5:00.

Roused Daughter out of bed around 8:15 so that we could take Sienna to the Operation Vaccination  for her shots. We were about 10 minutes early - about 25 minutes and $106 later, we were good-to-go, with 2 boxes of heartworm tablets, to boot.

Building wrap membrane at the place they had the vaccinations.

Got back home in time to change clothes to attend the late service at our Church.

Apparently a family of terrapins attends church with us.

After a light lunch - so as not to spoil our appetites - we went out to the Grandparents' house, where we were met by middle Son, and oldest Son and his fiancée.  Mom & Dad served a delicious dinner.

Shots - I don't remember getting no shots...

I hope your Easter weekend was as blessed as mine.

Update:  City worker came by on Monday and TV'd the sewer lines - left me a door hanger noting the main sewer junction was clear, but there were roots @ about 12' from the cleanout.  As a result, I've made some 'teabags' of Cu2SO4 crystals wrapped in toilet paper to teach the roots a lesson.


todd said...

Since when does son have fiancee?

el chupacabra said...

Coolest. Dog. Pics. Ever. but 100 plus bucks?! She would have to make breakfast for me or do some REALLY cool tricks.


The Donald said...

Money well-spent. The collection of shots was $74, plus $52 for HW meds, but when you buy the meds, they discount the whole shebang by $20. Plus I have a mail-in or online rebate that I get something back from the pet pharma co.

It would be nice if she could fetch me some cereal or something, though.