Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sweet 'stangs

Stopped by the Ford house to get a part today, and thought I'd see what was on the showroom floor.

Turns out there was a 64-1/2 original pony, with under 600 miles on it:

My phone's camera's color balance is a bit off, 
as this car is more pearl colored than green-gold.

And another, not-so-sweet, pony, called 'Eleanor's Nitemare' (has something to do with the Gone in 60 Seconds movies).  No Mustang expert I, I guessed '69.  The dealership guy said it was '71.  My subsequent crack interweb research would place it as '67.  Said to have been acquired through Barrett-Jackson's for $345K.  I tried, but could not get close enough to see if it was equipped with Callahan brake pads.

Ordinarily, you probably don't want someone scribbling on your
dash - unless, of course, it's this guy.

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