Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pray for Them

Saw this on the way home the other day.  I don't seem to see this on cars much anymore - it almost struck me as kind of quaint:

Because it's more than two weeks since the wedding (3-23 on the window), it's obviously a matter of importance to this couple - they could've washed the windows long ago.  And while "Just Married" seems sort of rare these days - I can't recall seeing any cars with the inscription "Just shackin' up" or "Just bumpin' uglies" or "Just evaluating the sex - 7 positions so far!" - ever.  Maybe that's because the institution of marriage, created by God to fulfill His purpose among the people He created, still has importance in the modern world.

To be sure, even within holy ordained marriage, it's not easy - as imperfect people we have an innate way of mucking things up.  Life is complicated - lots of distractions and obligations remove our focus from those beautiful plans envisioned the day we took those vows.  Todd the Blogger has mentioned more than once that, despite everything, he misses his best friend.  Combat Kevin laments the ease with which cellphones/facebook (I can't remember which one - maybe both) have facilitated infidelity in relationships.  And, like Todd, I sometimes mourn the loss of the one who used to finish my sentences - and I hers - and who often told me "I look forward to growing old with you."

You can say that power lines are just power lines.  But I'd like to think there's significance that, in the instant this photo was taken, there's an image of a power line and pole to the right, in the shape of a cross.  I pray that they will seek guidance in their journey, from the power who created them, reigns supreme, and who came to redeem all us from a broken world.

Not long after snapping this photo, I passed the SUV.  Just ordinary young folks - probably in their mid 20s.

I wish them well.

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