Sunday, July 5, 2015

Better Late Than Never

So, while I was at Kroger last night, I bought myself a belated Father's Day gift:

Super-cool die cast "Poison Arrow" - looks like a Merlin-powered
single-engine fighter version of a Beech Starship.

Obviously, I splurged a bit...

Would've bought myself a card, too, but they're not sold two weeks after the fact.

This morning after church, I noticed the Bloodmobile in the parking lot of the local hardware store.  Since I've ignored about a dozen requests to give in the past 3-4 years (following a bad experience where the technician seemed to be using me for a voodoo doll trying to find the vein), I figured I'd do my part.  I explained to my lobotomist¹ ;-)  about the prior bad experience - after checking my left arm, she asked if she could check the right, and said it was like night and day.  With only one stick, she got a good flow from the right, and hopefully restored my confidence in the process.

Although instructed to avoid exertion, I did go for a bike ride this evening, mainly because I haven't for quite some time and really need the exercise. I expect to sleep soundly tonight.

¹ I may be my own lobotomist - while helping someone move this last week, I raised up in the 6x12 U-Haul trailer while exiting with a box in my hands, gashing my head on the top edge of the roll-up door, about 2" back from my forehead/hairline.  If I'm lucky, it'll knock some sense into me...

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