Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sleep-in Sunday

Having gone to Saturday's church service, I pushed the snooze button this morning, and slept long after I would've normally risen.
  • Maybe it was because I was having some cool dreams.  In one, I had just gotten hired as Executive Vice President of a local bank, even though I was still the manager of another business just down the block. I don't remember what the other business was - maybe a small/medium hardware-dry goods store.  
  • Both businesses were on the east side of a north-south street.
  • I learned that the same woman cleaned my office at both places.
  • On my first day at the bank, I didn't know anyone there, and had no recollection of the hiring or interview process.  I was vaguely aware that it was a pretty cool gig to be a top manager of two local businesses, though.
  • No one that I actually know from banking featured in the dream.
  • The bank was a relatively new entity, located in an historic building which had not previously been used as a financial institution - I recall my interest being piqued by their novel approach to adding a small motor-bank feature.
  • As my administrative assistant showed me around the bank, we also toured the remainder of the building, during which I pointed out to her some of its historical features, and explained some of the prior uses/tenants.
  • I can't think of any actual building that formed the basis for this dream. Carter-Ivy Hardware was once a bank building, but that wasn't the building in the dream (it wasn't in Weatherford), and the non-bank job, though not central to the dream, was in a one-story building.
  • Since I awakened, I am available should you know of an Executive Vice President vacancy that needs filling.  
  • No, I hadn't been drinking before bedtime - just one red beer prior to 8:00 p.m.when I rode my bike down to the park to see the guy who could save popular music.
  • The Kimbell Art museum hosted Scotland Kimbell Fest on its campus lawn yesterday.  They had Lancaster shut down between Arch Adams and Van Cliburn Way.  Three stages for Scottish dance and music demonstrations, and lots of food trucks along Lancaster, but otherwise not much there to hold my interest - will go back another weekend for Botticelli to Braque, a collection on loan from the National Galleries of Scotland in Edinburgh.
Introducing the McMaserati Quattroporte - because 
what says Scotland more than an Italian car?

No less a wise-acre than his Dad, #1 son texted me, asking "Does it do 185?"
To which I responded, "Sure, and if Life's Been Good to you, it can be yours for
just $159,900, plus TT&L and luxury taxes.¹"
  • Since I'd already parked at TCOM, UNTHSC, a quarter mile away, I took the opportunity to check out the Amon Carter, always one of my favorites. The main hall is undergoing renovation, but they have a fantastic exhibition - Indigenous Beauty: Masterworks of American Indian Art from the Diker Collection - in the upstairs gallery.  Of course, I couldn't not at least pay homage to the partial Remington/Russell collection still on display.  If Ben Stiller ever falls asleep on the job and Fall of the Cowboy and Old Stage Coach of the Plains are not there the next morning - well, you didn't see nuthin', m'kay?  There were also some neat side-by-side comparisons of some of Remington's bronzes, showing the difference in detail between sand-cast, and lost wax casting methods (the latter is way superior).
The docent gave her permission for this photograph.
  • I would like to do my own wood collage someday, in the style of George Morrison:
  • QT has brought back egg rolls to their 'roller' repertoire.  Yay!  Very good when slathered with a packet of Grey Poupon.
  • Made it to church with time to spare - was the first in the auditorium - very rare for me.
  • I had never heard of Lucas Jack before yesterday, but four songs into his set last night, I turned to a guy nearby (who also had never heard him), and remarked "This guy's material is as strong as any of Billy Joel's".  

  • A couple of songs later, he announces that he's going to do some covers, then launches into Tiny Dancer, a funky/jazz Bennie and the Jets, Piano Man, and a brilliant Maybe I'm Amazed, and tells the audience Billy Joel is his hero.
  • His original material shows excellent songwriting chops, great piano work, a strong voice and good falsetto (Bronson reminded me of Where to Now, St. Peter?), backed by a superb drummer and bassist.  With all the dreck that proliferates on the airwaves these days, it was refreshing to hear good pop songs.
¹ The luxury tax ended in 2006 for automobiles.

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