Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wistful Wednesday

  • I may have mentioned recently that I'm taking some Coursera MOOC classes.
  • In two weeks' time, I've passed two Project/Time Management courses.
  • Around the same time I started the earlier one, I began History of  Rock, thinking it'd be a fun diversion.
  • Well, it's fun, but it's also a fairly serious course - via the University of  Rochester - I'm only 30% through it.  Currently, I'm up to the 1960-63 'dance craze' era, pre-British Invasion.
  • That lecture sort of bored me, and I was about to shut down for the day (it's self-paced), when there was a short segment on The Folk Revival, including The Kingston Trio and Peter, Paul, and Mary, so I hung in theres.  But since he didn't go into any significant depth, I'm almost talking back to the screen "Dude, what about The Limeliters, The Brothers Four, and The Chad Mitchell Trio?"  I could've provided about 6-8 minutes of commentary for that episode, but I'll spare you.
  • If some think my affinity for music trivia insufferable now, well...I have some bad news.
  • A guy who saw my screen when I was taking my Rock class came over and asked if I'd seen the Brian Wilson bio-pic, and also mentioned the Wrecking Crew film.  So, obviously, there are other talented folks out there.
  • Since I completed another course yesterday, I registered today for an industrial design course.
  • At 1:00 today, my weather-watcher friend had gauged 1.14" of rain in our town.
  • Tomorrow I think I'll go to HPB to see if I can snag a copy of Peter Schiff's The Real Crash.  Could be timely reading.
  • Anyone have any experience with the Yaesu or Wouxun portable ham rigs?  I'm thinking those could be handy WTSHTF.  Not that I'm a hard-core prepper, but still...
  • Am going to have to buy some fruit fly traps.  The instructables DIY versions I made don't seem to be doing the trick, even though I loaded them with some plum wine and blueberries.
  • Carter Bloodcare finally posted my results today, from Sunday's donation:  My hemi-goblins were not too scary, at 15.6, and BP was a quite respectable 110/75 even though I'd not taken any Lisinopril that morning.  Total cholesterol was 172 - the lowest it's shown during the times I've donated at Carter since 1999 (it's never been over 199).
  • I have donated 9 units (I think it's more, but at least that, since 1999).  I'll never catch up to Todd the Blogger, but since the gal Sunday was gentle, I can get back on a regular giving schedule.
  • Saturday morning, Sam's Club has its monthly free screening, so I can check my blood glucose and LDL/HDL.  Plus, they give you goodies like protein shakes, vitamins, free OTC meds, and samples of Depends, or somesuch.
  • You look forward to weird things as you age, huh?

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