Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Goodbye Ruby Tuesday

  • Another newcomer seems to be jumping into the Presidential election fray.  Heck, why not?
  • Will any credible candidate rise to save the 2016 election?  Can Meteor Strike's chances reach a plurality?  The remaining election season looks like a monkey screw.
  • A co-worker of mine predicts civil war II within two years.  I don't think smart money would bet against him.
  • Clock dork is back in the news, still trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame and win the litigation lottery in the waning months of the current administration.  The article bemoans that he misses his 'makeshift laboratory'.  If his student desk with a few scavenged electronics bits and pieces is a makeshift lab, my garage is a certifiable Menlo Park (NJ).  It's been reported that he wants to return to the U.S., as the fam's fifteen minutes have fizzled in Qatar, as well.
  • HRC could try to make a useful idiot of him - she already has Kazir Khan and the Orlando shooter's father.  He could round out her three stooges lineup.
  • BTW, props to the DNC for scheduling Khan, in what was basically a non sequitur attack on DJT.  The calculation was spot-on, that DJT would overreact and make an ass defending himself.
  • I surmised something like this would happen.  After widespread success getting representations of the Northern Virginia battle flag removed from public view, the PC crowd is now going after the Gadsden "Don't Tread on Me" flag.  The convoluted logic apparently has it that because someone who allegedly harassed someone else wore a cap with the flag depiction, it's a "racist" symbol.  Lawyers for CAT, Ford, Ram, GMC, NASCAR and Cabela's should probably be paying attention if this gains traction.
  • Similarly, certain PC groups, emboldened by successes in recent years, now want to quash any vestiges of normalcy wherever they can be found.  The culture war rages on.
  • I've watched several features on Grit-TV lately.  If we get into another war, forget the B1s, B2s, B52s, F15/16/18/22/35s - All we need is to send Chuck Norris, Wesley Snipes, Clint Eastwood, and maybe Bruce Willis (but not as Petruchio) to wreak devastation and havoc on any foe.
Wilbur never knew Ed was a classically trained Shakespearean actor...
  •  Apparently Col. Braddock didn't always keep his dong in his wallet - giving rise to Missing in Action III, in which Col. Jimbo returns to get his Vietnamese love interest and their son.  She doesn't make it, but he is able to take out about a hundred Charlies, and with his son and a priest liberate an orphanage, hijack a C-47 and flee to Thailand.  In The Marksman (2005), Wesley Snipes is able to evade thousands of rounds of machine gun fire and RPGs, while practicing an economy of shooting with a suppressed carbine, seemingly earning a 1:1 shot:kill ratio that would've made White Feather proud.  I do at least admire his practicality, as in the 'fog of war', you probably won't have Danny Noonan to caddy around extra ammo for you.
  • The schedulers of Carson's reruns at Antenna-TV seem to be capitalizing on the Olympics.  Last night they had Greg Louganis (and more interestingly, Carl Reiner).  The night before featured Caitlyn Jenner (née Bruce), from about 1979, which was kind of a fun time capsule, as Jenner spoke of the upcoming birth of hizr (a term I just coined) first child, and preparing to be a commentator for the next year's Olympics, along with Orenthal James.
  • Carson's monologue featured a reference to the L.A. Rams moving...to Anaheim during the off season, noting that the move exceeded yardage gained during the prior year.

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