Saturday, August 20, 2016

Even rode my mountain-cycle in the rain...

  • So does that only prove that I'm insane?
  • You may be right, I may be crazy.
  • Actually, when I left the house to ride this morning, it was not raining, and the trail was pretty devoid of joggers and cyclists. Returning to base, it started raining, but there were many more people out there.  So, I'm. Not. Alone.
  • The origin of immigration politics.
  • Black grapes on sale this week at Albertson's for 88¢/lb.  Why they don't value black grapes the same as green or red this week, I don't know.  But, because of my commitment to anthocyaninism, and believing that black grapes matter, I bought some.  They are delicious.  This evening, I learned that Kroger is supporting the red-skinned grapes, at the same price.  
  • For probably two years, I've had an unsightly stain or deposit in the bottom of my guest bath toilet, the composition of which I preferred not to consider.  Despite vigorous brushing, oxygenated aerosols, bleach and ammonia (not at the same time), and clinging viscous-gel cleaners, nothing fazed it.  I figured I'd have to get a new toilet at some point.  This week I got some Zep Acid Toilet Bowl Cleaner.  In just three treatments, using probably less than as many ounces, I can report that the bowl is as clean as new.
  • Dropping acid in your toilet bowl is where it's at, man.  Quart bottle under five dollars at fine home centers, and probably the Wal-Marts.
  • And speaking of dropping acid, don't you want somebody to love?
  • Saturday afternoon TV pretty much sucks.  One channel was running an awful movie, Mysterious Island, sort of a B minus minus movie predecessor of Jurassic Park or something.  I only watched a couple of minutes, but it included a scene of a guy trying to save a girl from some ginormous Oak Lawn ostrich looking creature by jumping on its back. Further research revealed it was a 1961 film adaptation of a Jules Verne book.
T-rex meets Big Bird meets Liberace?
  • I also caught a couple of minutes of The Blue Lagoon.  I've never seen the whole thing, even as a kid, but it reminded me of something Robert Blake said on the Carson show in the '70s or '80s, possibly in connection with that movie, about wanting to buy a deserted island and populate it with nubile 15-year old girls, ostensibly for immoral purposes.  Yeah, the guy with the bird was a strange bird from way back.
  • Seen in the Krogers after church this evening.  The times they are a-changing.
With these readers, I can always find my Calvins...
  • Folk singer Glenn Yarbrough died this week at 86.  Some months ago I posted a Youtube of Seven Daffodils, one of The Limeliters' outstanding songs.  Here's another, featuring Mr. Yarbrough's beautiful tenor, that's possibly more accessible to my younger readers, by virtue of its association with BB:

  • A syllepsis (non mutagenic) from The Limeliters' Have Some Madeira, M'dear:  "She lowered her standards by raising her glass, her courage, her eyes...and his hopes."  A figure of speech similar to a diazeugma (Gk), where the subject governs multiple verb phrases, such as "We shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty." - JFK
  • Welcome to Professor Donald's Composition 101.
  • #9 Dream, with apologies to the late John Lennon.  If they're gonna do this, time is of the essence.  I can think of maybe three persons who would be good replacements, with sufficient name recognition, resources, and organization to defeat HRC in November.
  • I have watched none of the Olympics.  Oldest son texted me the other night commenting on some gymnasts or volleyball chicks, but I was watching a PBS documentary, The Presidents, on RWR.  Last night was the episode on GHWB.  Not sure if I'll be able to stomach the installment on WJC, if there is one.  On the Bush 41 segment, it was kinda funny to see archive footage when GWB and Jeb were young.  Even though derided as patrician for his Connecticut and Kennebunkport associations in the '92 election, I think history will be kind to 41 for his life of service to country.
  • We could use an Eisenhower/Bush type Republican today.  That's not a plug for Jeb, though, as he did not prove to be competitive in the 2016 primaries.
  • In my spam box is an offer for 'Get Lipo'.  Srsly?  Look, I have a BMI of 23, and a 16.85 BF% - what the heck are they gonna lipo?
  • It's being reported again that bananas may go extinct.  I remember reading in the WSJ in the '80s or early '90s that the popular cultivar we all enjoy was about to go extinct in just a few years, so I guess what's old is new.
  • When I was a kid, I read of having kite wars by dipping a section of kite string in powdered glass so you could cut through your opponent's string.  Not having a ready supply of powdered glass, I never tried it.  Apparently it's become a problem in India.
  • Fun With Dick and Jane (1977) was on tonight.  Funny line: George Segal asks Hanoi Jane if she'd be embarrassed if he kissed her in a very public place.  Her response: "No, I'd be embarrassed if you kissed me in a very private place in front of all these people."  Also featuring Ed McMahon.
  • Had I unlimited funds, I might buy a motorhome and travel the country, leaving no forwarding address.
  • I think I should go now to watch Roxanne, to get a glimpse of Daryl Hannah's bum.

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