Thursday, August 11, 2016

In the Heat of the Thursday

  • Would it be fair to say that DJT is HRC's only chance to win the WH? Seriously, with all of her flaws and lack of integrity, she'd be trailing any serious candidate by strong double digits.
  • Yesterday's would-be Tobey Maguire apparently wanted to deliver a message to DJT.  Wouldn't a phone call or email be easier?
  • Sometimes the news is in the silence.  After much fanfare last week, not much this week about the Libertarian candidate, or endorsements thereof. Is the GOP considering tumping Trump?  As kids, we used the word 'tump' all the time, but in my 20s or so, I remember saying it to my mother and she had no idea what I was talking about.  I understand it's a Southern-ism, but we're not exactly carpet-baggers.
  • Regarding the brouhaha about DJT's 2nd amendment gaffe - My sense is that he was being tongue-in-cheek, and 'yugely' overestimated the humor factor, then spun the idea he was talking about 2A supporters' votes as damage control.  I don't agree that it intrinsically means he lacks the temperament for the Presidency, but it's poor judgment to fail to understand that such gaffes - in the limited time remaining in the race - are costing him tons of political capital that he doesn't have, while establishing no policy positives to attract undecideds.
  • Word has it that Ted Cruz may have rough going in seeking Senate re-election in 2018.  Maybe the Weatherford car dealer should take another run at it.
  • I know what you're thinking: "If Karl Rove were smart, he'd come to MWB for advice."  (Not that KR is consulting for any major candidate this cycle, so far as we know.)
  • As I had the day off today, I took a phone interview (to be followed up in-person next week), and had a bike ride commencing just before noon. Who knew that on the day predicted to be the year's hottest, there'd be so few joggers/bikers on the trails?  I've never used a Camelbak, but at a couple of stations along my ride, I don't fail to replenish with several gulps of water from the water fountains.  My heat tolerance is getting better.
  • Confirmed - all of the Carson shows this week have featured an Olympian(s).
  • RPM's commute may be getting a bit more congested - Chuck Schwab is putting in a Texas campus nearby¹.
  • Why can't we be friends?
  • Blazing Saddles, History of the World, Young Frankenstein, and Silent Movie are all great Mel Brooks movies.  Life Stinks (1991) was a bit atypical, equal drama and comedy, and less slap-stick.  Nonetheless, it featured a stellar cast, with Lesley Ann Warren, Jeffrey Tambour, and Billy Barty (remember Foul Play?).  Another character in the movie, Sailor, looked sorta familiar:

  • Here's some of Howard Morris' earlier work:

  • This Christmas, Antenna TV is bringing back the '90s TV show Wings. This will be a plus for their lineup.  Now, if someone would just return the Bruce shows: The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. (Campbell), and Moonlighting (Willis), as well as Lorenzo Lamas' Renegade.
  • Speaking of Christmas...the other night I caught an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger, Christmas edition.  In the show, Cordell defuses a tense barrio situation by reciting from Luke 6, then delivers Maria y Jose's baby, with Trivette's help.  Lots of references to Jesus Christ.  Think that episode would make prime time TV today?
¹ A dated news release was used, for the photos.  In image #1 (with Lake Turner on the right), Dad & oldest son and I shot sporting clays several years ago from the hilltop just left of the bald spot in the foreground.


TommyBoy said...

Good call on the Life Stinks vid.

My guess is Trump's "gaffes" are calculated. I'm not saying I understand what's going on, but every time he says something edgy, he's gets a deep-seated, emotional, knee-jerk reaction that can be construed in different ways...

They are reacting to him. In a boxing match, you want to make your opponent react to you so you can set 'em up for the old one-two. Maybe that's part of it.

What I'm suggesting is that he knows what he is saying and he knows the impact. I think he's following a strategy that is connecting him emotionally to regular working white guys; additionally, it's a lot of common sense stuff -- plain language. So, he's reaching people who might not ordinarily be inclined to vote at all. Combine that with the anxiety of those who grew up middle class and now find themselves struggling along with a bleak outlook.

On the other hand, Trump is/was a New York liberal. Maybe he's the Manchurian spoiler. Well, he's the only hope for those who oppose Hillary and the globalists and business as usual.

Just about anything can be rigged these days and I suspect most things are. Of course, if one has faith in the system, one is more likely to believe it when told everything is all right. Nothing to see here, move along.

el chupacabra said...

Life Stinks is one of my favorite movies and when life has me beat down- an unofficial life motto.

Heat tolerance better with age? Man good on you. It is just the opposite for me.