Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Untitled Post - You can bid for naming rights!

  • Once again, there has been rioting and looting after police brutally executed an angelic choir boy/honor roll student in Milwaukee.  (Note to self: You forgot to turn on the sarcasm font.)  About a half-dozen businesses burned, police cruiser windows smashed out.
  • The usual.
Guess who's not coming to dinner...
  • That dude was no Sidney Poitier.
  • I want a Jet wood lathe, and maybe also a ShopSmith.  What event will allow me to loot a Rockler, Woodcraft, or Texas Tool Traders store?  I mean, like, because, you know - fair?  Right?
  • Had a doc visit yesterday to interpret recent lab tests: Overall cholesterol 126, CHOL/HDL 3.0, Triglycerides 118, BP in normal/good range.  Food choices and bike rides paying off.
  • About three weeks ago, I noted that political observer/talkfest host John McLaughlin did not look well.  Rest in peace, Dr. McLaughlin.
  • The Playboy mansion went on the market a few months ago for $200 million.  I commented at the time (but can't seem to find whether it was on MWB or on another blog) that it'd be lucky to bring half that.  Well, it did bring half that.
  • Karl Rove assesses the state of Election 2016, but gives no clues about receiving political insight from MWB.
  • I had a job interview in Collin County yesterday, which I think went really well.  It was a panel, affair, with two women questioning me.  One of the questions was: "When have you had a time when a plan of action did not produce the intended result?"  My response, "Besides marriage?" broke them up.  Of course, I followed up with an actual business example, so they would know I'm not really the next Shecky Green (like they would've known who Shecky Green is...).
  • There's lots of office building construction near the DNT and the Sam Rayburn interchange.
  • Coming back, I cut across FM-1171, which is apparently soon to be 6 lanes from I-35 east to west.
  • Attended a high school orientation last night.  I saw fewer tattoos on the parents than I'd remembered at a similar event years ago, but I thought the students kind of resembled a freak show.  I texted the kids' mom that I'm glad to have graduated when and where I did.
  • Nice bike ride this evening.  Coming back through the park, there was the smell of wood smoke - maybe folks grilling at the outdoor cooking area.  Enjoying the cooler temps.  Still a lot of idjits wandering forlornly around like the undead, looking for Pokémon.
  • Another Russian woman, Katunya Sweet, wants to meet me.  She seems more down to earth than the other prospective honeys: "Hey there.. I am looking for a serious relations I like cooking and watching tv. I live in Russland. I would be grateful if you could answer." Like, she seems low-maintenance, isn't making any lewd suggestions or such or telling me to check out her nekkid pics (although there was a .jpg attachment)¹.  Maybe she might be the one I could settle down and grow old with?
¹ Heck, no, I didn't open it!  I don't want to get interwebs cooties.


TommyBoy said...

Please leave Katunya alone. She and I have been emailing back and forth and I have agreed to finance her trip to America. I think I love her.

el chupacabra said...

Both yuze guys better back off and quit trying to make time with Katunya.

I am carrying her baby in my womb.

The Donald said...

Gentlemen, I have bad news. Katunya has confided in me that she's seeing Mike and Denney on the sly...