Saturday, July 23, 2016

Update weekend

  • Mark Cuban thinks HRC has a problem in marketing.   Dude, marketing is the least of HRC's problems.  The problem with her campaign is much more fundamental: It's the candidate.
  • One of the video segments they've played at church for the last two or three weeks features a snippet from an event at Burger's Lake.  I think it's been four or five years since I was out there.
  • I watched the McGoofy Group today - McLaughlin does not look or sound well.  I like the current line up nearly as well as any other: Tom Rogan, Clarence Page, Eleanor Clift, and Pat Buchanan.  Mort Zuckerman apparently still appears from time to time, and is a good contributor.  I also liked Fred Barnes and Michael Barone in the past.  Thankfully, they have retired the looney leftist moron Lawrence O'Donnell.
  • Not sure if this is proof of DJT's claim that we are in grave danger or not: Fox News is reporting today that SoS Kerry has declared air conditioners as great a danger as ISIS.  Yesterday, I was in the home center, and personally witnessed a contingent of heavy artillery 24,000 BTU, several  mechanized 12,000 BTU, and a platoon of 5000 BTU infantry units massed across the aisle from the power tools.  Of course, they were laying low, trying to play it cool, but now I'm on to them. Several even had code names: Frigidaire, GE, DeLonghi, LG, and Zenith - so be on the lookout.
  • After a better convention in Cleveland than I would have expected, and what I thought was a decent, if over-long, acceptance, DJT is apparently back to crafting insults.
  • No predictions here regarding how next week's DNC in Philadelphia will go.  I am still trying to sort out reports whether speakers will include "Mothers of the Movement", i.e. the mothers of young black men killed by police.  Conservative sources seem to be playing up the notion, but I haven't found a definitive answer regarding who exactly might speak.  It seems it would be a bit risky, as some of them - despite the reality of their loss - are not particularly telegenic.  A couple of weeks ago, Erica Garner (Eric's daughter) walked out of an ABC News Town Hall with the President, after producers deemed her behavior too volatile and incoherent for inclusion on the program.
  • I do think the week after the DNC may prove interesting, as the campaigns move into the final stretch.
  • Did Ben Matlock ever represent in front of Justice of the Peace Andy Taylor?
  • Blogger RPM reported recently taking a job in the bucolic pastures of the former Turner Ranch in Westlake.  The surroundings are beautiful, though the commute is a witch.  I myself have recently expanded my job-improvement radius, applying to jobs in Cleburne and Allen, each of which would entail nearly 100 miles round trip per day, but due to the Chisholm Trail and GWB tollways, respectively, might be manageable.  Of the two locales, I think I would prefer the Johnson County gig, as I'm not sure how well I'd gee-haw with the North Dallas/Collin County mindset.
  • In late spring, I got new contact lenses, after having not worn them regularly since about 2002.  Although I can see the veins in leaves on trees across the boulevard, I have to keep readers handy to see close up stuff (the bifocal contacts I tried out weren't to my liking).  Unfortunately, they get uncomfortable after about three hours.


el chupacabra said...

I have had bifocal lenses in my spectacle since the days of my ute. The lines are visible (if discrete) so I get them. How do bifocal contacts work? What manner of sorcery is that?

The Donald said...

As I understand it, there are concentric power zones in the lens - as one looks down, as to read, the zone is for near vision.

The [very attractive] eye doc had me try some on, but I told her I was not pleased with the visual acuity afforded by them (either distance or near vision), plus they were quite expensive, being the disposable kind. I opted for some new GP lenses, and carry readers when I wear them. :-(