Monday, July 11, 2016

I told you so...

...Seems to be the theme of many articles, posts, and reports following the Dallas police shootings.  Although there have been some bright spots, as well.
  • Kudos to the journalist or commentator who suggested that folks - BLM sympathizers and detractors alike - consider using the word "some".  As in: "some" police engage in brutality, "some" protesters commit violence. It's straightforward conflict resolution methodology.  I recently listened to a speaker who advised much the same thing to spouses/parents/children: Don't use accusatory statements including the words "always" or "never", as the blanket labels are rarely true, and only serve to put the recipient into defensive mode.
  • As much as is known presently, the Dallas police shooter acted alone. He had no ties to the protest, and simply seized on the opportunity presented by having a large congregation of police officers - there to keep the protesters safe.  Nonetheless, there are already rumors of a conspiracy, some suggesting - if I understand it correctly - that George Soros funded or masterminded it to create a race war so that the President could declare martial law and get a third term.  We'll keep that under advisement.
  • The BLM demonstrator who thought it'd be a good idea to sling an unloaded AR-15 over his shoulder to attend the protest is reportedly seeking an apology or compensation for having been briefly identified as a suspect or person of interest during the melee.  Good grief.
  • As a supporter of open carry, I fully agree that what he was doing was lawful.  It also showed poor judgment, given the charged atmosphere.  He really should be thinking "Man, that was a dumb thing to do."   The circus blogger on Friday likened him to Richard Jewell, the Atlanta security guard who lived under suspicion for the 1996 Olympic bombing.  Seriously?  This guy was 'misidentified' for two hours, not two months.  
  • Those that want to harass him should likewise get on with their lives. Lots of people do dumb things everyday.  He didn't harm anyone, and it appears he did everything correctly to make it clear he was on the right side of the law once the mayhem erupted and he understood folks were looking for him.
  • Purportedly, additional protests are planning to shut down interstates. Hopefully, those folks will reconsider.  I wouldn't go looking for such a protest, but if I inadvertently found myself in a shutdown and got attacked, would protect myself.
  • I thought DPD Chief David Brown did a good job handling the situation.  
  • A news commentator says if this is war, there will be no winners.  That's the truth.

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