Friday, July 15, 2016

World Turning

  • I gotta get my feet back on the ground.

  • Political commentator David Brooks says the world is spinning out of control.  No disagreement here.
  • The full moon backdrop of that FM Youtube is the same one they used on their Rumours tour when they appeared at the Tarrant County Convention Center, March 6, 1977.  Kenny Loggins opened for them.  My friend Paul and I, being squares straight-laced, did not bring or directly consume any contraband substances.  But hey, ya gotta breathe, right?  So we did.
  • I lost track of him by the early '80s.  A dozen or so years ago, I happened to learn he had died in the early '90s of a sudden, un-diagnosed heart condition.  In 2013, when I was working in Arlington, I met a woman with the same last name spelling, and asked if there was any relation.  Turns out she had married his brother, so I asked about Paul's widow (who as his GF had accompanied me and my GF on a double date to see the lovely Linda at DCCC in December 1976).  She had passed away in 2011.
  • The location of the truck terror attack in France makes for odd-looking headlines.
  • I was in Nice in late July or early August 1974, but only have vague recollection of it.  My memories of Venice, Postojna, Jablanac, Dubrovnik, Athens, Rome, Florence & Pisa, Genoa, Madrid & Toledo, and Andorra - from the same trip - are much clearer.
  • The U.S. State Department advised against travel in the area.  Then, as now, there were tensions in that part of the globe (Greeks and Cypriots fussing). However, it was a bucket list trip for my Grandparents from heartland America.  And as four adults, one adolescent (me) and a toy poodle in a Volkswagen Squareback with Austrian plates, the only places we were recognized as Americans were the borders when we flashed our passports.  The only border delay whatsoever was entering Yugoslavia, where it took maybe a half hour to process our visas.
  • A few months ago I took an ill-fated job, the interview and background testing for which took over two months - and resigned after two weeks and one day on the job.  Somehow, my profile is still in their HR job agent database.  As of this morning, they have posted my former position 5 separate times.  Apparently no one else wants it, either.
  • As editor-in-chief and publisher of MWB, I last night lauded Chief Foreign Affairs Bureau Correspondent ComKev for alerting this publication to the imminent collapse of Venezuela.  Tonight, however, I find that I must apologize to readers, as MWB did not receive any advance intel regarding the attempted coup in Turkey.  What up, brah?

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el chupacabra said...

Lulz. Hey, cut me some slack! Nobody from The US to Israelis to Russians saw that one coming!

Well, to be more correct it would have been anticipated as the right people became concerned with the Islamization of the Army and government and the history of the gutting of their intel arm but I would have guessed it would come later.