Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I don't know much

The backstory is that Jimmy wrote this song to impress a young lady in London, but when he performed it for her on the piano, she responded "Don't you think that's silly?", which did not endear the young lady to the tunesmith.  Around the same time, Simon & Garfunkel broke up.  Since Paul Simon had been the songwriter of the duo, Webb reasoned that Artie would need some songs, contacted the talented singer, and it became a hit for Garfunkel.

This is purportedly the last, or one of the last, recordings that Linda made before retiring from singing due to complications from Parkinson's.

Deep Trivia Bonus:  Webb wrote MacArthur Park in 1967 after his breakup with Suzy Horton (also the muse for Where's the Playground Susie?), who years later married Linda Ronstadt's cousin.  Here's a version of the song...from an open air concert at MacArthur Park in 2013.  If you want to see some of Glen Campbell's guitar virtuousity, check out this version, performed with the songwriter. Campbell's guitar solo for the Allegro movement begins at 4:44.

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