Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Mittwoch musings

  • I watched just a bit of the DNC the other night.  Whenever I see this guy, I can't not think of this:
Apparently, the DNC had enough funds for a fixed sat uplink
  • Or this: 

Write your own joke...
  • Which led to this gem: 

The Richmeiseter - doesn't get any Laymer than that, huh?
(And, to all the statements in the pic, the answer is "No, not really.")
  • And finally, this one: 

  • I included the last because Michael Jordan just recently donated $2 million toward finding a solution to tensions between police and minority communities.  Time will tell whether it's successful, but credit is due for putting his money where others just tweet or run off at the mouth.  Good on you, Mr. Jordan!
  • If ComKev goes to Norway in about 20 years to visit Waterworld, maybe he can drive through one of these.  Driving a Ford through a fjord.
  • I'm OK with just watching Watters' World: Immigration Edition, from Philadelphia.
  • Former President WJC spoke last night at the DNC.  It's a phenomenon that totally flummoxes me, but I believe that he's probably the best resource HRC has, and if he were the candidate, he'd win in a landslide.  Go figure.
  • The persecution prosecution of the remaining officers' trails in the Freddie Gray has been dropped.   Apparently, the State's Attorney finally took some remedial reading classes, and read the writing on the wall.
  • Is this an endorsement one would actually want?  Uncle Jimmy releases a video supporting HRC.
  • Mark Cuban, at times a 'loose cannon', offers possible motive for DJT not releasing tax info.  Other pundits offer different reasons.
  • H.P. Scotsman and would-be Presidential assassin John Hinckley is set to be released.  An internet troll/commenter wrote "When John Hinckley Jr. gets out, I hope someone breaks the news about Jodie Foster to him very gently."   Although I am a bona fide admirer of the 40th President, those injured by Mr. Hinckley in March 1981 are now gone, so I am not overly troubled by his release if it's supported by competent psychiatric evaluation.
  • From Pokémon to hidden gold: Annie Lennox was right - everybody's looking for something.
  • I frequently cringe at some of the 'progressive' rubbish that land on PBS' America Reframed, but last night's episode was very good.  A historically black neighborhood in Athens, GA, sought designation as a protected site when a white fraternity moved in nearby.  Added into the mix was a former Colorado hippie/Mother Earth woman who was part of the area's gentrification.  Between the woman getting assistance from the college boys to clear kudzu from her lot and till the soil for a neighborhood vegetable garden, and the local pastor reaching out to the fraternity, strong bonds were forged that benefited the entire community.


RPM said...

We are definitely cut from the same bolt of cloth. I was telling someone about the Al Franken roving reporter bit during the SCUD missile attacks in Gulf War 1 after seeing him during the convention. The part that really made me laugh was everytime he turned his head they would lose signal. Brilliant!

Denney Crane said...

Reminds me of the line in the movie, "Little Big Man" when the Indian was trying to think and said, "I have this great pain between my ears".