Saturday, July 23, 2016

When do we lose the things that we cherish?

Man, the guy can write a great song.  And here's a classic Glen Campbell performance:

Webb performs this song on his 2010 CD release, featuring J.D. Souther.  In the liner notes, Jimmy recounts taking J.D. for a sailplane ride in the early '70s, which went well, then later in the afternoon, they got into Jimmy's 172, but ran into a freak snow squall and were 'whited out'.  Luckily, Jimmy's pilot kept from getting spatially disoriented, and managed to get under the clouds, flying at just a couple hundred feet AGL in mountainous terrain (trust me, it's not fun).  They landed safely, but there wasn't much convo between Jimmy and J.D. on the car ride back to L.A., where Souther's GF was worried sick, waiting at Jimmy's place.

It was the first time Jimmy met Linda Ronstadt.

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