Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thursday's Thoughts

  • On my day off, I dropped into a couple of local resale shops.  Snagged two pairs of nearly new jeans - Wrangler and Austin - for 75¢ each at the first.  The other was a dud, but if I'd needed furniture, they had an awesome sofa, oversize chair, and ottoman set in a brown paisley pattern for $289.
  •  Apparently, they were overstocked with long pants.
  • Stopped into the locally owned small-box hardware store.  Surprisingly, they did not have the item I was seeking (3/4" black plastic keepers for nylon straps), but they did have these:
Coyote fur chaps

Here, write your own joke...
  • While I was shopping, all the ice cubes in my ice tea cup - left in the car - melted.  Oldest son taunted me with the following pic:
His Yeti-like cup that keeps ice cold all summer long

My Riscky's cup...not so much.
  • I wanted to be sure to get home to catch the evening news, thinking there might be an interesting tidbit from the RNC rules committee, only to find out that terrorists have again attacked in France, killing at least fourscore on Bastille Day.  We are not living in good times.
  • Also, my National Security Advisor, Combat Kevin, is right - Venezuela is going down the tubes.
  • Ask any married man about P-Power, and he'll probably give a knowing 'sigh'.  After all, the IRS didn't invent withholding.  But a company in Britain is developing pee-power, using urine from public loos to generate electricity to light the loos' LED lamps.  I don't know whether to be angry with Reliant Energy or with the municipal wastewater utility for all the money I've p*$$*d away over the years.
  • Not related, but...speaking of words that begin with 'P':  Several years ago, a friend told me he and his wife had had a disagreement which had gone back and forth a bit, and in which he decided to chauvinistically triumph by declaring "because I have the p*n*s!".
  • Yeah, that apparently went over about as you would expect.
  • In rerun-land, Curtis Armstrong made a guest appearance tonight on the [now syndicated] Rules of Engagement, playing himself.  Lots of 'Booger' references, but no mention of one of his best roles ever:
Petruchio (Willis) and Lucentio (Armstrong) with the good people of Padua
  • Here in Texas, we commonly insult our neighbors across the Red River. Tonight, Carson read excerpts of cross-border rivalry insults that had been sent in.  Here's one: "What's the difference between FedEx and a girl from Pennsylvania?  For $14.95, one absolutely, positively delivers overnight - the other transports packages."
  • So relaxing was my classical music splendor last night that I'll probably repeat it again tonight, as I was asleep before the second selection.

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