Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Mid-week Meanderings

  • The fourth Baltimore officer charged in the death of arrestee Freddie Gray last year has been acquitted.  The officers that State Attorney Marilyn Mosby supposedly thought were most likely to be convicted have all been acquitted; nonetheless, two trials remain¹, presumably with the same outcomes. Today the circus blogger criticized a Texas judge who suggested harsher treatment for cop killers for pandering.  Although I don't disagree with the criticism offered, clearly pandering is not the exclusive province of either end of the political spectrum.
  • It's all about the outrage these days.  An Albuquerque eatery that posted "Black Olives Matter" on its outdoor sign, has angered protesters.  A trendy/hipster clothing retailer has a line of anti-Trump apparel.  Not sure if anyone's got their panties - designer or otherwise - in a bunch over this or not.
  • I like black olives, in case you were wondering.
  • The tent camp in Cleveland is apparently somewhat sparsely populated, and a bit remote from the convention site, and seemingly reflects  both Trump supporters and detractors.  One camper, echoing Herb Hoover, said of the tent city: "Everyone with a belly button has a home" and "We encourage conversation and listening with people of diverse thoughts, and so far, that's been a really groovy thing."  Far out, man.  Can't really argue with that.
  • Call it the law of unintended consequences, or perhaps proof of what Dallas PD Chief David Brown said about police agencies being tasked with trying to solve all of society's ills:  A Tempe woman is distraught after police kill her belligerent knife-wielding boyfriend.  Yes, the police she called 911 to have remove said BF from her residence.  I'm not saying the BF deserved to die, but Chief Brown is correct - police can't be expected to arrive on the scene and divine every participant's role and intention, then wave a magic wand and make everything better.
  • Last week, the, uh, adult film industry derided the RNC for a proposed platform plank denouncing pron.  The golden arches restaurant seems to at least partially agree.  While it doesn't suggest that the fast food outfit has gone all red state, it has announced that its stores' wi-fi will filter inappropriate sites from being accessed.  This seems to be a reasonable step for the company in preserving its brand image.  
  • Unsure if the ACLU will somehow take exception (since the routers are owned by the company, it seems they can use whatever filter they want). I also searched to see if perv poster boy Larry (you know the one) had any comments about the change, but didn't find anything.
Larry's brother (& magazine co-founder) Jimmy, 
with, possibly, a fan and supporter
  • There's four hands you might not want to shake...
  • Watched a bit of the RNC tonight.  Bizarre Cruz appearance.  Eric Trump's address was decent.
  • Nary a word from Carson tonight about Trump; however, he did mention that Great Britain was sending naval forces to protect the Falklands...
¹ The first officer's trial ended in a hung jury.  It is scheduled for re-trial in September.

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Denney Crane said...

David Brown made a bold statement that I agree with as well. It seems that a great number of Americans have become dependent on our government to solve their problems. Sadly, their problems are just consequences of their own choices, actions and behavior, which they either justify or refuse to acknowledge.