Friday, September 2, 2016

It doesn't really matter anyhow...

But this is one of my most favorite Chicago tunes.  There is a remastered version of the original arrangement (from Chicago Transit Authority) which is really tight and perfectly paced, but I wish it featured Robert Lamm's slightly transposed vocals, as in this 1969 version, complete with hippie-dippy chicks:

Jimi Hendrix reportedly said that Terry Kath (in green jersey) was his favorite guitarist.  When the group decided to continue (partially at the urging of  Carl Hilding Severinsen) after Kath's death in 1978, they hired Donnie Dacus (raised in Cleburne) as guitarist. Kiefer Sutherland subsequently was married to Kath's widow for a time in the late '80s.

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