Sunday, September 4, 2016

There's just so many summers...

  • ...and just so many springs. 

  • A painful reminder of great plans not realized - reprising the trip to the coast with my kids in 2008, a hunting trip with my dad and oldest son, canoeing/kayaking with my daughter.  Life can be such an interloper.
  • Honey, I may be late getting home.  Gotta love the line, "Some of the bees flew away from the accident scene."  Ya think?  Does that mean the rest stayed and gave statements to the accident investigators?  At least these were domesticated bees, and not like this one:
Gonna look into your bones, when de bees come down.
  • Surely they don't teach this at Baylor's College of Dentistry.  And, no, you're not Shirley.
  • Sexit? I don't know that it's reached that point, but the Swiss, a generally reasonable group, have reservations about following rules from nitwits in Brussels.  I guess they may not be willing to wait until concert venues are getting bombed and people get run down by trucks to maintain control of their scene.
  • A few years ago I read The Day After the Dollar Crashes, believing the sub-heading that it was a survival guide for economic chaos.  While it did correctly identify several drivers for an impending worldwide economic meltdown, I found that it quickly devolved into the author's 'one-world' fantasy, as I so opined on these pages at the time.  Subsequent events have reinforced my contention of the irrationality of expecting that any one person or cabal can successfully govern all peoples of the globe.
  • "A Republic - If you can keep it."  Those guys in 1787 realized that although all men [and women] may have been created equal, not all geographic, ethnic, and cultural groups have the same desires. Maximizing local autonomy and control is more likely to produce lasting peace than an attempt at centralized global hegemony.
  • Even in North Texas, within a neighborhood, there's not unanimity.
  • Sorry Elvis, no Suspicious Minds here.
  • I frequently feature, shall we say, dated musical references on MWB. One might assume I am a fan of all old music.  
  • I am not.
  • Watched a bit of a documentary from last decade about The Mamas and The Papas.  Although I like a couple of their songs, count me as Not. A. Fan.
  • 60 Minutes was actually sorta interesting this evening, with segments about cellphone hacking (vindicating my decision to not load mindless apps on my phone - although such abstinence does not guarantee security); a Louisiana man released after 30 years of imprisonment; and the CERN Hadron Collider.
  • I consider myself as smart as an average bear, Boo-Boo, but for the life of me, I don't understand the whole Higgs Boson thing.  I wonder how much CERN's Reliant bill is to power that whole collider contraption.
  • PBS had a concert special of The Highwaymen from 1990. If I recall correctly, it opened with Jimmy Webb's title tune, then Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies..., Ring of Fire, then Me and Bobby McGee, before I decided it was more important to take an evening bike ride. Of the four, Cash seemed to be in his best voice, with Kris and Waymore tied for second. Willie was doing his hurriedspeakingoflyricsoutoftimewiththemelody as he has come to do in recent years. I've seen the red headed stranger about a half-dozen times, mostly prior to 1990, and don't remember such widespread use of that technique back then. Sort of reminded me of how Neil Diamond lazily strolls through what used to be some of his best material (of course, he can never top his 1972 Hot August Night performances).
  • Raised mostly on folk/pop, I remember sitting in a shady parking area at Texas Lil's (I think my Dad's company was having a cookout/corporate event there), looking at the radio of his K-5 Blazer when Good Hearted Woman came on.  
  • W/W paved the way for me to check out country music, and for the next 20 years or so, I kept both metromess country FM stations on my presets.

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