Friday, September 30, 2016

Frankly Friday

  • No, not Barney.
  • Good Morning's Friday!
  • If we thought the election season has been insane so far, fasten your seatbelts, as it's likely to go - dare I borrow the phrase/schtick (yes, I dare) - beyond insane.  A Morgan Stanley report suggests that the U.S. fast food and retail industries will implode if DJT is elected, because there will be no front line workers left at the BK, Wendy's and Taco Bell. Balderdash!  If Trump is elected, there is zero chance of mass deportations of Mexican, Central- and South American workers - it won't happen.  What should, and may happen, is that we will give the boot to troublemakers and actually control our borders.  It's not really fundamentally different from the notion of installing a deadbolt on your exterior doors, though some in American politics seem flummoxed by the concept.
  • While there's room for debate as to the absolute and relative contributions of illegals in this country, there's little questioning that most retail does not want to see mass deportations - not so much for the supposedly reduced labor force which could be filled by legal citizens - but because of the contraction of the market size.  Illegal (undocumented if you prefer) or not, those warm bodies buy groceries, shoes, gas, utilities, housing, and the like - American businesses don't want to see fewer potential customers. You know it, I know it, DJT knows it, some of the American people know it...and Bob Dole knows it.
  • Energy policy?  This could give you gas for a month.
  • Here's a political insight - irrespective of who gets elected, he/she will be a one-termer.   And, as divided as the nation has become, probably the highest likelihood since 1861 that even the one term may be truncated by some form of insurrection. 
  • Readers here know I don't care for DJT, but loathe HRC.  So, in the upcoming season of SNL, we'll have a doofus portrayed by a douche.
  • You don't often see someone making their own comparison to Der Führer. Strange.
  • Enough punditry, now for some fun stuff.  It's a delight to see a major gun magazine with a cover feature that's not a black rifle or plastic pistol.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, but...I am more the fan of steel and walnut.  Saw this at the library the other day:

Now that's my kind of centerfold...
  • The Ruger #1 is like the Sophia Loren of beautiful rifles. I've taken Wyoming antelope with a #1 in .270 Winchester. Would love to own a #1-H (Tropical) in .375 H&H, even if I never hunt on the African continent. The similar Dakota falling block has some desirable traits, but Ruger kinda has the whole package right. 
  • This morning's weather was perfect for my morning bike ride. And the scenery wasn't too bad, either. ;-) 
  • Good Day!

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