Friday, September 16, 2016

Toes Go In First

  • A Friday mnemonic for blondes.
Airmeal delivery...
  • Right here, that's where.
  • It was late when I got off work, so I caught part of the Carson show, which featured a very young Mark Harmon, plugging his then-new movie Summer School, which featured the adorable Courtney Thorne-Smith.  
  • The TV was still on after the Tonight Show, and then I realized the schedule change that had put Barney Miller ahead of Johnny had made way for back-to-back Wings episodes after.  Yay!
  • Wings, of course, featured the equally adorable Crystal Bernard.  The second of last night's episodes featured Cliff and Norm flying out to Nantucket, as the show was produced by the same team as Cheers
  • Initially, Cliff was given the right seat on the twin-engine commuter plane, but when Steven Weber's [pilot] character made an unwitting comment about "busier than a pit bull at a mailman convention", he became agitated, and was asked to exchange seats with Norm (which probably helped with W&B issues anyway).
I hadn't planned to run two Peter Cetera videos in one week,
but, you know, because Crystal Bernard
  • Interesting tidbit gleaned while fact-checking: Wings co-star Tim Daly (younger brother to Cagney & Lacy's Tyne Daly) formed a company last decade named Wandering Bark Productions.  Shakespearean minds think alike.  There is a local lady whose online dating site moniker is "Ever-Fixed Mark".  I've never met her, but I think she attends my old church.
  • I'm probably more amused than outraged by the current spate of petulant prima donna athletes protesting the national anthem.  We've got  black and mixed-race football players bemoaning the state of race relations - 50 years after the civil rights act, and after nearly two terms of a black President.  Gay soccer players 'ashamed' of the U.S. - after near universal legislation enhancing the rights of LGBTIQ and the Supreme Court decision legalizing same sex marriage.  Exactly what goodies have not been afforded to these interest groups?
  • It's a very loose converse analogy, but I'm reminded of the Westboro Baptist group, who decided to dishonor American servicemen and -women because of U.S. social trends vis-à-vis homosex.  Truly a non sequitur, inasmuch as our troops do not legislate social policy.  Why one decides to specifically disrespect something celebrating our independence, because of some modern skirmishes on wholly unrelated modern issues, escapes me.  
  • Because they can, I guess.  And yes, I support that they can, though not that they do.
  • I passed a co-worker walking the other direction the other day.  "Hey Don, what's up?"   Still walking, I replied "The rent."  A few steps later, in unison, we both turned around, saying "It's too damn high!"  We had never previously discussed that subject at all.
  • Dan Aykroyd as a tripping Jimmy Carter may not have been far off the mark.  First UFOs, then killer wabbits?  Was someone giving him LSD-laced peanuts?
  • The other night, Doc was filling in for Ed in handing Carnac the envelopes, which had been hermetically sealed on Funk & Wagnall's front porch.  I didn't recall having seen anyone but McMahon do that bit.

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TommyBoy said...

Love the Bruce Cockburn tune and I have to admit, when things are going well I often wonder where the lions are.

In regard to your comments on racism and football players, I can only say that it's all about power now, not equality. We are gathering the fruits of diversity. That's not a reference to gay people although I suppose it could be.