Saturday, September 24, 2016

Salsa Saturday

  • On the most recent bike ride, I encountered this fellow - maybe a wolf spider?
I tossed a few kernels of unpopped popcorn
to see if the web would catch them.
It caught one.
  • I wasn't trying to shoo or hurt the spider with the popcorn kernels...and also because I didn't know for sure he wasn't a jumping arachnid.  The Google says it's a Black and Yellow garden spider.
  • This kid could be the next José Feliciano, Van Cliburn, or Rubik's Cube master.
  • Our church recently concluded a sports-themed series which had a ton of pretty cool sports memorabilia, some possibly on loan by the efforts of one of our members, we'll call him "Norm".  The next-to-last weekend featured a 5-7 minute video clip of our pastor and "Norm" conversing, probably filmed at the latter's office.  If he didn't have that other gig, he would make an excellent pastor.
  • I wonder if these are any of the floating homes like Chevy Chase had in the movie Foul Play.  It's too bad Chase and Hawn only did two movies together - they are both excellent flicks.
  • After church this evening, I stopped at the local Kroger, as is my wont.  An attractive woman, between 45 and my age was wearing what appeared to be an authentic Reagan/Bush '84 campaign t-shirt.  I remarked to her that it was too bad they aren't on the ballot this year, but did not otherwise try to flirt with her, as I thought I saw a wedding band.  Bummer.
  • Somewhere, I have a pristine "Nixon - Now More Than Ever" bumper sticker.  Ha!
  • O, Henry!  What Santa could bring me for Christmas:

I like the one one on the bottom,
lever actions should have straight stocks (IMNSHO).
  • Those are .45-70s, not .30-30s.  Not that I have anything against .30-30s.  It would be pretty potent for hunting with Hornady LeveRevolution ammo, or a fun heavy plinker with some 350 grain copperplated handloads.
  • What does he do if he sees squab on the menu?  Oh, it's OK, he only reads four-letter words.
  • Every now and then I catch a few minutes of Rizzoli & Isles, mostly to see Angie Harmon, though I don't believe I've ever watched a full episode. It's also kinda fun to see Bruce McGill (not as fun as Angie Harmon...), who was D-Day in Animal House.  I also saw him awhile back on a re-run of Walker, Texas Ranger.
  • Jay Pharoah Dr. Ben Carson discusses productive dialogue about Charlotte with Megyn Kelly.

¿Es el tenedor del Diablo?
  • If it is, can la leche de la Madre - and the emerald - be far away?  No, it's just a dead tree that will likely fall on the bike path 'ere long.
  • Tonight I caught the last 20 minutes of the most excellent 'closing of the American West' film My Name is Nobody, partially directed by Sergio Leone.  Starring Henry Fonda, most of the rest of the cast, including Terence Hill, were Italian, with early appearances by Steve Kanaly and Geoffrey Lewis being notable exceptions.
Gunslinger nonpareil Jack Beauregard and Nobody
  • Afterward, I sat down to scribble this post, but the TV was still on in the den.  I kept hearing a Native American voice that sounded familiar.  Sure enough, it was the masked man's faithful companion - not that there's anything wrong with that - Jay Silverheels.  I checked the listing and found the movie was The Black Dakotas, from 1954 (color), and also featured Clayton Moore, though not in his famous role.
'Cause the eyes of the Ranger are upon you...

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el chupacabra said...

The wolf spider does not spin a web- that is how it gets the name wolf spider(I think) because it ambushes and/or runs prey down.

The garden spider is interesting because they eat part of their web every night and respin it every day.

Thanks for tuning in to Spider Talk with your ole buddy Kev!