Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Are You Red or Blue?

First, I want to send a 'shout out' to thank my good friend, RTB, for rekindling my interest in a life-long but until recently dormant hobby, detailed elsewhere on these pages.

This election season, we've been treated to much media obsession over "Red or Blue"states. Another example of dichotomization of the world, as in 'right or left', 'black or white', 'Ford or Chevy'. Well, the pictures below represent a choice that could be difficult to make:


Actually, I'd be pleased to find either of these under my Christmas tree, though it isn't going to happen. And, as it often occurs in the real world, there are more than red or blue choices: another manufacturer also makes red widgets, a couple make green ones, and yet another is orange.

Although I'd love to have one of the red or blue units above, I will content myself for now with my (1) green single-stage (RS-3), (2) red turrets (4 & 5 hole), and (1) orange turret (6 hole). But, for the all-out sexiest [non-progressive] widget on the market, it goes to the one of the green manufacturers, and has a great name, to boot:


Anonymous said...

the credit is misplaced. ahem... cough.... cough....


todd said...

The only "sexy" Redding!

Anonymous said...

Green is the new black - Kermit