Sunday, November 30, 2008

Glory Days

I was reading someone else's blog yesterday - a friend of a friend of a blogger I follow, you might say. Anyway, he had a picture of himself at a car show, in front of a car just like his first car.

Being of similar vintage as that blogger, and having posted an image of a motorcycle like my first, I searched the 'net for a picture like my first car. Of course, since my first car was a four-door family sedan, I instead chose an image of the coupe version, which to my way of thinking is still a pretty stylin' ride. You may or may not agree:

The automobile pictured is a 1968 Chrysler Newport, with a 440. My sedan had the more mundane 383. As you can see, the body features concave "dished" sides. Ironically, the car I am currently driving, 35 years younger and also a domestic, sports dished sides, albeit without the sharp top and bottom creases.

Although my finances will not permit it, I would love to have the car pictured above, maybe with a hot-tub or a bowling alley installed in the hangar-sized trunk, to cruise down to the Sonic (Sonics if you live in Lake Worth) for a #2 Cheeseburger combo and a cherry limeade.


todd said...

There are commercial fishing vessels without that much sheetmetal! Is that a small country I see in the trunk? How many people does it take to drive it?

The Donald said...

Mine had loose tie-rod bushings, so keeping it between the fenceposts could be a challenge. I guess it required a crew kind of like on a sailboat - you know, one guy spinning the big steering wheel, and another pulling on a rope or turning a crank.