Sunday, November 16, 2008

Calling Dirty Harry...

News from the Fort Worth Startlegram:

Men make off with guns, cash in Parker County heist

Sherriff's deputies are looking for men they think swapped lead with a clerk at a gun store near Reno on Thursday, making off with six handguns and cash from the store.
The robbery occurred on the Jacksboro Highway near Reno, between Azle and Springtown, about noon Thursday, said Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler.
Fowler doesn't think the suspects or the clerk were injured, though, based on evidence at the scene.
"What (the clerk) said he was shooting was .41 Magnum, and believe me if somebody would've been hit with that, he would've still been there," Fowler said.

The men took off in a red Cadillac, with molding missing from the right side. A nearby convenience store caught a photo (right) of the getaway car.

We, too, are big fans of the .41 Remington Magnum, partially on its merit, and partially in deference to the late Bill Jordan and Elmer Keith. A lovely caliber bridging the gap between the capable and venerable .357 Magnum and the über-capable but difficult to control .44 Magnum, the .41 never fully realized its rightful place in the handgun firmament, and in time was overtaken by numerous auto-loading pistol cartridges for law enforcement duties. The Marlin lever action 1894s, and revolvers from various manufacturers (e.g. Ruger Redhawk) in this caliber are highly prized.

We recommend remedial marksmanship training for the clerk so that he may properly dispatch the next group of goblins.


todd said...

Is it gutsy, stupid or desperate to rob a gun store?

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