Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jellin' with Ellen...

"So, it was like in the middle of sophomore year, fifth period algebra.  Tom leans over toward my desk and starts whisperin' something in my ear.  I tried to shush him, but he wouldn't give up.  Finally Mrs. Teewinkle looks over and says she's gonna make both of us stand in the hall until the end of class if we don't cut it out."

"What happened then, did you break into a dance?"

"No.  Tom spent the next several minutes with a pencil and some paper, and when Mrs. Teewinkle wasn't looking passed me a folded up message."

"Was it a love note?"

"No,  he doesn't roll that way.  It was a drawing.  Really exquisite art.  I still get a tingle when I think about that."

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Anonymous said...

We're weird- who cares what makes that gal tingle???