Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weekend wrap up

Of late almost all of my posts have been 'phoned in'- figuratively, that is, as I've relegated to just linking some songs and posting photos that caught my attention.
A lot of thoughts rattle around, though, which at some point I feel compelled to journal (whether anyone reads them or not). It probably has the effect of making me appear a curmudgeon - something which I've many times acknowledged.
  • A radio ad that I've been hearing lately is trying to lure buyers to purchase lakeview and lakeside lots because they're a better investment than stocks or gold.
  • First point of order: Gold is a store of value, not an investment - it does not intrinsically generate any revenue stream.  It may appreciate in value, and conversely, may depreciate.
  • Second point of order: For those sleeping during the 2008-present real estate market downturn - real estate may not be such the great investment.  With the exception of income-producing properties, real estate is at present as volatile as other investment vehicle, but with the added bonus of being incrementally confiscated every year through property taxes, the imposition of which is not subject to the owner's control, as well as various and sundry maintenance/upkeep costs.
  • Land may offer the owner a certain utility (primary shelter) or recreation (lake/beach/mountain home) factor, but it shouldn't cloud the investment analysis. 
  • Disclosure - At the time of this rant, I did not own or control significant positions in gold or stocks (nor too much real estate either, for that matter).
  • One week into the new TV lineup, just within the past half-hour, two prime time sit-coms have used the word masturbation.  Well, isn't that special?
  • As much as anyone, I'm in touch with my inner prude (no, I wasn't always one - in junior high and high school I could do Rich Little spot-on recitations of a score of Carlin, Pryor, or Redd Foxx routines).  Similar material, though, is now standard fare for early evening TV.  The amount of cultural garbage entering the typical American home & family life is staggering.
  • Yeah, I know - there's an off switch on the TV.  So I used it.
  • With the TV off, I forgot about Monday Night Football.
  • Oh, well.  Didn't bother me.
  • I'm not saying you read it here first, but Barack Obama will not be the Democratic candidate in 2012.
  • Not just because his hometown Chicago Trib has advised him to not run, though it's a factor. 
  • Despite his current fundraising on the left coast, the next quarter will likely mark a significant downturn in his ability to maintain a campaign war chest.  Though Wall Street is typically thought of as Republican, the truth is much different, and 'streeters' are shifting their donations to Romney.  Mind you, these are people who invest large sums for a living, they are not going long on a perceived loser.  You don't get any ROI if your guy doesn't win.
  • Even if he had a good plan, Obama cannot turn the current economic situation around.  And he doesn't have a plan, much less a good one.
  • Romney, Perry, Christie, or Cain - any of them could likely best BHO, easily, whether the election were November 2011 or 2012.  If BHO were the candidate, wouldn't a Cain-Obama contest be interesting?  Tough to play the race card there.
  • Who'll be the candidate, then?  Hillary, of course.  She's been pretty low-key lately, careful not to appear disloyal to the administration she serves.   The media have instead used Bill as a proxy, to keep the Clinton name active.
  • While Obama's Wall Street donations slow to a trickle, the Clintons enjoy solid support there.  1999's Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, though R-sponsored (and which factored significantly into the present economic implosion), was signed into law by WJC. 
  • Her major campaign theme will be "I didn't get us into this mess", with an implied undertone of "Vote for me - get Bill in the bargain.  Remember how good your life was in the '90s?"
  • Most voters will have no idea what the Rose Law Firm or Whitewater were, much less care.  Or even that National Healthcare, now heading for Supreme Court review, was previously pitched by HRC.
  • With Hill as the D-candidate, I wouldn't hazard a wager on the election.
  • Lastly (on this subject, anyway), who do you think has the stronger drive to be President?   I'm not making any predictions right now of how the candidacy will transition, but transition it will.
  • Well, I'm feeling my oats today.
  • Over at the Merry Prankster blog this weekend there was a post about a family upset in Nevada when their daughter's band director [accidentally] sent them a text referring to said daughter as a b____ and a c___.  The commenters to the post mostly ridiculed the family and agreed the daughter was a 'drama queen'.
  • Reading the story that was attached to the post, there wasn't really sufficient evidence to determine whether the premise was true or not.  So, one would have to conclude that the chorus of apologia for the name-calling teacher had more to do with bias than the actual elements of the situation.  But, again working from the evidence as presented, I would say that if any school personnel were so careless as to accidentally text me and refer to any of my children in a similar fashion, there would be issues.
  • Not advocating that he be fired, but if I referred to my customers/constituency in that manner, and were stupid enough to let slip that sort of communiqué, I expect that I would be.  Being a teacher is in the public trust, and demands a higher standard of conduct.  Turning the tables, I would not allow my children to refer to their teachers that way, either.
  • Since the Labor Day weekend I've allowed my facial hair to grow, in what I guess you'd call a Van Dyke (I didn't know that's what it was called until just now researching it).
  • Growing tired of it, I decided to get some feedback from co-workers.  (Hint: Bad idea.)
  • Two, one woman, one man, advised me to shave it.  Two other women liked it, and one added that I would look "odd" without it - she's known me over two years without facial hair and only now tells me I'm odd-looking without it?  Thanks.  The last, another woman, suggests I shave the white, chin portion, and keep a moustache and soul patch.
  • The last time I wore a moustache-only I was in my freshman or sophomore year of college - it was so cheesy I vowed never to do it again. 
  • I may try the soul-patch only, though.  Just to look subversive.
  • 'Night.  My fingers are tired.

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todd said...

Ok, I finally got to the end of all that and now I can respond. Except, even with all the abbreviations it took me all morning to read and now I forgot what most of it said.