Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oh, the humanity!

Local news outlet reports that 30 Dallas zoo patrons were stranded for 90 minutes today on a monorail in sweltering, 90 degree heat*.

"We were freaking out; everyone was freaking out," Jessica Tell said. "There's no other way to get us down? It's 40 feet up! I wasn't prepared to do that ... I can't go down in sandals. It was a very shocking, scary experience

*For those readers who feel 90 degrees is hot, please understand we've just been through a summer with 70 days of over 100 degrees - today was quite pleasant by comparison.

The TV news reported that many of the riders were, gasp!, children.

Do you suppose those kiddos will breathlessly tell their friends about the black rhinos or giraffes they saw at the zoo - or the fun adventure with the ladder truck crew?



todd said...

Why the rhinos gotta be black?! Huh?

The Donald said...

Easy there, Rev. Sharpton...

Anonymous said...

African american rhinos? Is that a republican thing?