Sunday, September 9, 2012

I love a car show

I happened across a car show on the way to Wal-Mart after Church yesterday. Here's a beautiful '61 Coupe Deville:

I always thought of Lycoming as making airplane motors:

Yes, those blinking lights are the charging indicators for the flux capacitor.

The Durango in the background is a Zombie Hunter, with a flamethrower on the roof:

And reverse angle:

Speaking of flamethrowers, check the spark plugs on the pipes of this ultimate rat-rod.  Wonder what that camshaft is out of?

I want this!  From what I could tell, the driver gets in through that little front hatch - since I'm nearing my target weight of 190#, I'm pretty sure I could get in there, but I might bump my head.  Interestingly, this has a gas engine, not diesel.  When it left, the guy's wife rode in the turret to spot for him.

An immaculate classic C-10 Cheyenne engine & bay:

Tim Taylor would drool over this (and so would I):

Not from the car show, but a visit to O'Reilly's earlier in the day:


RPM said...

Very cool. Pretty sure I've seen that same Nomad wagon before. Don't forget about the big swap meet coming up (I think) next weekend in Decatur. Lotsa cool stuff to look at.

el chupacabra said...

Isn't the wheeled armored vehicle a Fox or Ferret or something like that?

Jarhead™ said...

I miss my '78 Z28. :-(

The Donald said...

Two Kevins with one post!

@RPM - If time permits and I can convince Daughter, we'll do it!

@ComKev - Actually, I was kinda hoping you'd know. They just had it labeled with a super technical term like 'military vehicle'.

@Jar-Jar - Far out! I got to drive my cousin's once - a '77 or '78. 305 or 350? I miss my '83 280-ZX 2+2¹ (I called it my 'poor man's XKE').

¹ Mine did not have the headlight covers, and was more champagne than gold. Some AH thought he needed the T-tops more than I - he got one - but decided discretion was the better part of valour (and preferable to having a couple of 158gr JHPs rip through his flesh) and fled before he could lift the second.

The Donald said...

@ComKev - Turns out it's a Limey Saladin, circa '60s or early '70s.

wallew said...

Actually that 'military vehicle' is a 1969 MK2 Saladin light tank. The owner is a very nice guy.

The SMALLER four wheel armored car WAS a Ferret. It's ALSO owned by a very nice guy.

Visit our website -

We will also be out at the Alliance Air show the first weekend in October. We will have a 10 ton Hemmt, along with numerous other MV's. The two pieces of armor may or may not come out, depending on work schedules.

Andre Brennan said...

I love that DeLorean! Driving around with that baby would surely make a lot of heads turn and stare while I travel back in time. Haha! The thing with restoring a vintage or a model car is that it’s laborious. But once you finish everything, you can’t help but adore what you’ve worked so hard for. You also have the privilege of installing modern digital technology on your car to give it a different spin.

Andre Brennan